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SACH has created the ideal space for independent professionals where they can relate with other entrepreneurs for exchanging ideas or planning future businesses.

Get to know the new way of working which allows you to expand your business networks with people of different professions working at the same place.

We have customized packages for you.

Membresías CoWorking

Coworking Manifest

The future of the Work

The Challenge

We think that the society is facing challenges without precedents: economic, environmental, social, and cultural ones. We also believe that innovations are the key to change these challenges in opportunities to improve our communities and our planet.

The Solution

Coworking is redefining the way in which we work. Inspired by participatory culture of the open source movement and the powerful nature of the same, we are building a more sustainable future. We are a group of connected people and small businesses creating an economy of innovation and creativity on our communities and the whole world. We have the vision of a new economic driver constituted by collaboration and the community, in contrast to the silos and secrecy of the economy on 19th and 20th centuries.

The Value (Community Code Conduct)

We have the talent. We only need to work together. Different environments require to overlap in order to get connected and related with the aim of transforming our culture. With the purpose of creating a sustainable, trust-based community; we value:

1.-Collaboration over competition
2.-Community over agendas
3.-Participation over observation
4.-Doing over saying
5.-Friendship over formality
6.-Audacity over assurance
7.-Learning over expertise
8.-People over personalities
9.-“Ecosystem value” ” over “value chain”

This new economy cannot prosper without involving most of businesses and the creative, entrepreneurial, governmental, non-governmental, and technical communities together.

The Future

We believe that innovation feeds innovation. We are going to change the world’s culture in some other one supporting the entrepreneurial spirit; taking risks, exploring unknown territories as the great leaders of our times. This requires education, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a wide network of creative work spaces.

We are restructuring the economy and society through good corporate initiatives and innovation. Our communities are getting together to rebuild sustainable economies, in a network and in a more human scale, in order to build a better world.

We are world’s coworking movement!

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